Party Dances

Popular party dances add lots of high energy FUN to any wedding reception, Bar/Bat Mitzvah party, or teen event.

We always teach the dance steps to those at the party who might not be familiar with any particular party dance.

Our current popular party dances:

  1. Cha Cha Slide
  2. Cupid Shuffle
  3. Electric Slide
  4. Thriller (Michael Jackson Version)
  5. Hand Jive
  6. Cotton Eyed Joe
  7. Chicken Dance
  8. Macarena
  9. Locomotion
  10. Twist
  11. Hot, Hot, Hot (Done with Party Shakers)
  12. The Train
  13. The Hustle
  14. Shout
  15. Tootsie Roll
  16. Ice, Ice, Baby!
  17. Love Shack
  18. Time Warp
  19. Hokey Pokey
  20. Hoedown Throwdown
  21. Swing Music
  22. Crank That (SOULJA BOY)

We constantly update our party dance selections as new dances become popular!