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Important Factors to Consider When Hiring a Disc Jockey for Your Special Wedding Reception Party!

Many Disc Jockeys in Atlanta say that they specialize in Wedding Reception parties, when they in fact have little or no experience at these types of events. Always ask your potential Disc Jockey the following questions:

1. Do you have current Wedding Reception party references available that we may contact?

2. Are you aware of, and can you coordinate, the traditional Wedding Activities for my Wedding Reception?

3. Do you use a wireless microphone? Do you have a lapel microphone if we use you for our wedding ceremony?

4. How large is your music library? Do you have all of the current hits available?

5. Will you purchase new music if necessary for your clients’ special requests?

6. Do you have liability insurance?

7. Will you meet with your client in person as many times as necessary to finalize the details of their party?

8. Do you have an excellent light show available if I want lighting at my party?

9. Do you use bubbles, fog, and confetti if we request it for our party?

10. What fun party dances do you offer? Can you teach my guests the steps to these dances?

11. Are you a professional Master of Ceremonies?

12. Do you have professional DJ equipment that offers superior sound? Will you have back up equipment with you at my party?

13. Will you actually be the DJ at my party or will the company send whomever they choose?

14. Do you use party props such as shakers and air guitars to enliven my  and get the guests involved if I so desire?

15. Can we choose the music to be played?

16. Do you always take special requests from guests at the party?

17. Can we see you in action at a party similar to ours in the near future? This will help us make our decision.

18. Will you wear a tuxedo if the event calls for it?

19. Can you give me helpful information to help me plan my party, as I have little experience in party planning of this type? Can you arrange the agenda for my event?

20. Do you offer a reasonable, fair price for your DJ services? This will allow me to maintain my important party budget.

Your DJ should be able to answer yes to all of these important questions. Steve’s Party Music will be happy to go over these important questions with you.

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